Works Service & Planning Committee Meetings & Members

As Kingsteignton Town Council are ‘Consultees only’ on planning matters, all Councillors will continue to receive planning applications and other relevant information prior to a decision being recorded, which will then be forwarded on to Teignbridge District Council who are the decision makers on all planning matters. Therefore, should you have an interest in any particular agenda item then please contact the Town Clerk.

Chair: Cllr Ron Peart (Mayor)

Vice Chair: Cllr Dave Ripping

Councillors:  T Dempster, L Goodall, J Gregson, M Field, K Jones, A Tillson-Hawke, B Thorne

Ex Officio’s:  Cllr R Peart (Mayor) and Cllr B Thorne (Deputy Mayor)

May 2023 - April 2024 Documents