In March 2011, local mineral company Sibelco, met the Kingsteignton Allotment and Leisure Gardeners’ Association’s request, by providing land in the West of Kingsteignton for allotment use.

The request was previously made by the Association back in 2009 and with the support of Kingsteignton Town Councillors involvement establishing contact with Sibelco in relation to what land would be suitable, the request came to fruition.

The Association and its’ members worked tirelessly to create 36 plots and allocated them to residents within our town. Members have worked hard over the years to improve soil and drainage conditions and it is gratified to see individuals and families working on their own plots but also by offering help and advice to each other when needed.

The Association is run by a small group, and residents who register an interest in having an allotment plot, are asked to initially make contact with the Kingsteignton Town Council office and leave their name and contact details, which are then recorded with the date that they register.

The Allotment Association advise the Council office when a plot becomes available, from which a member of staff will inform the resident who is next on the waiting list, to then contact the Association to discuss their requirements and terms and conditions.

Whilst the quantity of plots allocated do not fulfil residents demand, Kingsteignton Town Council are continually investigating suitable ground for more allotments.

If you wish to register for an allotment, please contact the Town Clerk, Mrs Michelle Lewis-Clarke, Kingsteignton Town Council, by email:- clerk@kingsteignton.gov.uk.


The waiting list for an allotment has reached an exceptionally high number, to a level that we have never experienced before.  Therefore please be advised that it could take several years before we are able to contact you with availability. However, please rest assured that if you have placed your name on the allotment waiting list, once we are notified by the Allotment Association of a plot becoming available, we will continue to work down the list in order of registration.

May we please ask that if you have registered for an allotment and your circumstances change and you no longer wish to be on the list, please let us know.  Thank you!