Refuse and Recycling

TDC - Teignbridge District Council are asking if everybody could please be mindful for others, and follow the guidelines as follows:-

In order to keep our waste and recycling operatives safe during Covid-19, it would be appreciated if householders could wash their hands and/or wear gloves prior to putting out their bins and boxes for collection. Thank you.

During the coming months Covid19 may impact on waste and recycling service's. TDC Officers are working flat out to ensure that these issues are kept to the minimum.

This link is for reporting missed collections, please go there first to report bins that are not collected:

Information from DCC on their recycling and waste centres can be found here:

Kerbside Box Collections

We ask our local residents to continue to re-cycle by using the kerbside boxes provided by TDC. Additional recycling boxes can be supplied free of charge if residents find that they do not have enough capacity. These can be requested online via our web form.

Should residents have too much waste to go in the kerbside collection boxes, the nearest Recycling bank is at Tesco, Newton Road, Kingsteignton. Or for alternative sites please click here.

Textile collections

Textile collections from the kerbside are available, so residents are now able to put out textiles in a standard sized carrier bag only, (not a black bag or charity bag), for collection alongside your recycling boxes.

There is limited space on the recycling lorries for textiles, so if yours doesn't get collected, please put it out again the following week or alternatively take it to your nearest recycling bank.

Latest Waste and Re-cycling Information
To ensure you get the latest information on your local tip facilities and open times, please visit:-

Updated 20/7/2020 - To users of Newton Abbot's recycling centre
Since we've reopened our recycling centres and adopted all the steps necessary for us to reopen safely, including social distancing and restricting the number of vehicles able to be on site, some of our centres have experienced lengthy queuing.

One such centre is our Brunel Road recycling centre in Newton Abbot. Queues there in particular are sometimes long and problematic.

So from Monday 27 July, we will be asking users of the Brunel Road Recycling Centre in Newton Abbot to show that they live in the Devon County Council area. Residents who live outside the Devon County Council area (for example Torbay or Plymouth) should take their household waste to their nearest recycling centre in their local authority area.

That way, we might ease some of the queuing.
Re-cycling advice for your kerbside collections
Cards and wrapping - You can recycle your plain cards and paper based wrapping with your cardboard in your green recycling box. Shiny plastic wrapping must be put in your black bin.

Aluminium Foil - You can now recycle your clean foil pie cases, kitchen foil and foil lids from cream tubs in your black recycling box. Some other waste such as some gift wrapping paper, looks like foil but it’s not! We don’t collect crisp packets, sweet wrappers and shiny plastic gift wrap. Please put these in your black bin.

Cardboard - Too much cardboard to fit in your green recycling box? Fold, flatten or tear larger boxes to fit in your green box. Remember we collect recycling every week so you can put it out over a couple of collections. Large amounts of cardboard can be taken to your nearest recycling bank.

Food waste - Recycle all your veg peelings and food scraps in your food waste container and we’ll collect it weekly. Don’t waste your leftovers, look up some recipes to give you some ideas.
Foil items that can be recycled in your Black Re-cycling Box
Foil containers including ready meal trays, quiche & pie cases, take away trays and pet food trays.

Foil lids including such as those found on some yoghurt and cream tubs and pet food trays. Please rinse off any food residue.

Kitchen foil, please don’t include any foil that has lots of baked on food or is very greasy.

Not sure if its foil? Do the scrunch test!
Scrunch the pack or foil in your hand. If it stays scrunched up, it’s foil and can be recycled. If it springs open then its plastic and cannot be recycled.

No thanks
Some things look like foil but are plastic such as crisp packets, drink, baby and pet food pouches, shiny ‘foil’ gift wrap. Please put these in your black bin.
Re-cycling LIDS from TDC
It's so easy now, you can wash and squash your containers and then put the lid back on & put it in your re-cycling boxes!

For full information please click here
Please do not Fly Tip
The Council are working hard during these unprecedented times and will continue to do so, please use your normal bins for your normal collections.

To Report Fly Tipping, please click here

Make EVERY scrap COUNT

Teignbridge residents:-

Please help us to increase the amount of food waste recycled by making every scrap count!

You may not think that you produce food waste but some waste like banana skins, tea bags, egg shells and plate scrapings are inevitable and these can all be recycled.

And now it’s easier than ever to recycle your food waste as any plastic bag can be used to line your kitchen caddy or blue food waste container, including any of these listed below;

  • Supermarket carrier bags
  • Pedal bin liners
  • Bread bags

Remember by recycling your food waste in your blue container it will be collected every week.

Once collected it is sent to a facility in Devon where it is used to create electricity and a liquid fertiliser.

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