Latest News about Re-cycling LIDS from TDC

It's so easy now, you can wash and squash your containers and then put the lid back on & put it in your re-cycling boxes! 

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Make EVERY scrap COUNT

Teignbridge residents:-

Please help us to increase the amount of food waste recycled by making every scrap count!

You may not think that you produce food waste but some waste like banana skins, tea bags, egg shells and plate scrapings are inevitable and these can all be recycled.

And now it’s now easier than ever to recycle your food waste as any plastic bag can be used to line your kitchen caddy or blue food waste container, including any of these listed below;

  •         supermarket carrier bags
  •        pedal bin liners
  •         bread bags


Remember by recycling your food waste in your blue container it will be collected every week.

Once collected it is sent to a facility in Devon where it is used to create electricity and a liquid fertiliser.

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