It is with regret that during the Coronavirus crisis, all Council Meetings that would usually take place on a Wednesday evening have been cancelled until further notice.


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This committee deals with the financial responsibilities of the Council, budgets and insurance matters. It also administers the granting of small sums to local organisations annually in March. It meets on the third Wednesday of the month except in August when there is no meeting, and December when the meeting is brought forward to the second Wednesday.

Chair:   Cllr Tony Dempster,  Vice Chair:   Councillor Dave Ripping

Councillors:   Ron Peart, Stephen Plummer, Bill Thorne

Ex Officio's:   Cllr Dave Rollason (Mayor), Cllr Beryl Austen (Deputy Mayor)


 11th March Agenda  
 12th February Agenda Minutes Payments
 15th January Agenda Minutes Payments
 11th December Agenda Minutes Payments
 13th November Agenda Minutes Payments
   9th October Agenda Minutes 
 18th September Agenda Minutes 
 17th July Agenda Minutes 
 19th June Agenda Minutes 
 17th April Agenda Minutes 
 20th March Agenda Minutes Payments
 20th February Agenda Minutes 
 16th January Agenda Minutes 
 12th December Agenda Minutes 
 21st November Agenda Minutes Payments
 17th October Agenda Minutes Payments
 19th September Agenda Minutes 
 18th July Agenda Minutes 
 20th June Agenda Minutes 
 16th May Agenda Minutes 
 18th April Agenda Minutes 
 14th March Agenda Minutes Payments
 21st February Agenda Minutes 
 17th January Agenda Minutes Payments
 13th December Agenda Minutes Payments 
 15th November Agenda Minutes Payments 
 18th October       Agenda Minutes Payments
 20th September Agenda Minutes Payments
 August 2017  


 19th July Agenda Minutes Payments
  21st June Agenda Minutes Payments
  17th May Agenda Minutes Payments
  19th April Agenda Minutes Payments
   8th March Agenda Minutes 
 15th February Agenda Minutes 
 18th January Agenda Minutes 
 14th December Agenda Minutes 
  16th November Agenda Minutes 
  19th October Agenda  Minutes 
  21st September Agenda Minutes 
  20th July Agenda Minutes 
  15th June Agenda Minutes 
  18th May Agenda Minutes 
  20th April Agenda Minutes 
   9th March Agenda Minutes Payments
 17th February Agenda Minutes Payments
 20th January Agenda Minutes Payments
  9th December Agenda Minutes 
 18th November Agenda Minutes Payments
 28th October Agenda Minutes Payments
 16th September Agenda Minutes Payments
 15th July Agenda Minutes Payments
 17th June Agenda Minutes Payments
 15th April Agenda Minutes Payments
 18th March Agenda Minutes Payments
 18th February Agenda Minutes
 21st January Agenda Minutes Payments
 10th December Agenda Minutes Payments
 19th November Agenda Minutes Payments
 15th October Agenda Minutes Payments
 17th September Agenda Minutes Payments
 16th July Agenda Minutes  Payments
 18th June Agenda Minutes Payments 
 21st May Agenda Minutes Payments
 16th April Agenda Minutes Payments
 19th March Agenda Minutes Payments
 19th February Agenda Minutes Payments
 22nd January Agenda Minutes Payments
 11th DecemberAgenda Minutes Payments
 20th NovemberAgenda Minutes Payments
 16th OctoberAgenda Minutes Payments
 18th SeptemberAgenda Minutes Payments
 17th JulyAgenda Minutes Payments
 19th JuneAgenda Minutes Payments
 15th MayAgenda Minutes Payments
 24th AprilAgenda Minutes Payments
 20th MarchAgenda Minutes  Payments 
 20th February     Agenda Minutes Payments
 16th JanuaryAgenda Minutes Payments
12th DecemberAgendaMinutesPayments
21st NovemberAgendaMinutesPayments
17th OctoberAgendaMinutesPayments
19th SeptemberAgenda MinutesPayments
18th JulyAgendaMinutesPayments
20th JuneAgendaMinutesPayments
16th MayAgendaMinutesPayments
18th AprilAgendaMinutesPayments
21st MarchAgendaMinutesPayments
15th FebruaryAgendaMinutesPayments
18th JanuaryAgendaMinutesPayments