Council Information

There are 13 Councillors who are all volunteers and want to support and help their community. The Councillors cover the two Ward areas.

Once a year a Councillor is elected as Mayor by his or her peers supported by a Deputy Mayor. This is for a 12 month period starting in May of each year.

In May 2018, Councillor Ron Peart was elected as Mayor for a 3rd term of office and Councillor Beryl Austen was elected as Deputy Mayor for a 2nd term of office. 

In addition to Full Council Meetings there are four further Committees to enact council business; 'Finance', 'Works, Services and Planning', 'Community Hall and 'Recreation, Footpaths & The Fountain.

You can find further details of the workings of the Council on the tabs to the right of this page.

All councillors follow the agreed Code of Conduct.